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1. If you think you have a weakness, you don’t necessary need to remove that weakness. Some weaknesses, especially physical ones, are hard to get rid of. A more effective way would be to find your strengths and work on them until you are at least above average.

2. Rejection always hurts. Some say that rejection shouldn’t be taken personally, but honestly, I don’t think that advice helps. We value ourselves and the things we create, thus rejection brings a cognitive dissonance inside our minds.Two conflicting thoughts, self-belief and self-doubt, wage wars to determine who will stay and rule the kingdoms inside our heads.When there are two conflicting thoughts, we need something to guide us on what to do after the rejection. If you don’t know what to do or what to believe in, most of the time the evil side will win the war.

3.Sometimes, we think our dream lies buried under a pile of work or studies. I’m the same. I am going to a medical school, but I know being a doctor is not my dream. I want to be an entrepreneur.For several reasons, I can’t cancel my entry to medical school. It looks like I don’t have a choice, but I actually have one: to choose to stick with my dream no matter what or to succumb to the path people ‘forced’ me to go on.The same thing goes for you. Be obsessed with your dream and don’t let it die easily.

4.The problem with most of us is we focus on things we can’t change. It is true that our past can influence our future, but we don’t want to let that influence spread too much and work of its own accord.



The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Being part of this we all Nepalese feel proud. Sometimes as a name of Gurkha, We can make our head up. But, not only by this attitude we can hold up our image in future day.We’ve to eliminate the things which will make us buffer.Just wake up and s tand up for your nation. We all Nepalese are good at thinking but can’t allow that thinking in observable manner by which we can do things in a practical manner. With the international report, Nepal falls under third-most successful country. But our bad luck because that report which has been recently done, reflects us that how we all are going through from developing situation to underdeveloped situations. Actually, that report has been done to find out worst airport in the whole world. We have many attractions of natural resources by which bring up all around the people in our country. Without noticing about the fact our resources properties all political parties are going to make it complicated by bringing these topics as political issue. We all love Nepal where Buddha was born but where is that that message given by GAUTAMA about the peace and happiness. Our political issues are directed by the RAWS and CIA. We all know about this fact but no one can do nothings. Mr. modi addresses here in SABHA SADAN and pointed leaders not to be depended on others cause this place is of SAINTS and by giving example about the fact of temple he wants Nepal as a developed country as india (INDIA AND NEPAL LIKE BROTHERS) but all about matters directly co related with the leaders. Here is the vast difference between him and our political leaders. He thinks that he is doing all this to make his country number one in the world and for social service without any hesitation but unfortunately Nepalese leader s are thinking this is his/her job or we can say this is their profession. They are saying this in the public without hesitation. What is this? Is it so?

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आशाको दीप संगै बढ्ने चाहना

नेपाली हुनुमा छुट्टै मज्जा छ ! आ- आफ्ना छुट्टै भाषा संस्कृति रीतिरिवाज तथा लवज हुदाहुदै पनि एकले अर्कोलाई सम्मान साथ् सदैब ” हामी सबै नेपाली दाजुभाई ” भन्ने आत्मसाथ गर्ने भातृत्वको भवन छ . तर पनि दुख लाग्छ कि आज भोलि राजनातिको तुच्छा कुराहरु लिएर आफ्नो परम्परा लाइ बिर्सिदै अब त खसी काट्न नहुने दशैंमा अनि तिहारमा बत्ति बल्न रोक अनि धेउसि भौलोमा पनि सरकार को हस्तछेप जस्ता कुराहरु सुन्दै गर्दा कतै हाम्रा नेता भनौदा हरु आफ्नो कर्तब्यलाइ पलायन गर्दै छन् भन्ने कुरामा दुइ मत हुन पनि अब गार्हो नहोला! बर्सौ पछि हामी जस्ता बिदेशी भुमिबाट आएका पलायन बिधार्थीहरु आफ्नो मातृभूमिको दुधको सोझो गर्ने इच्छा भएपनि नेपालको परस्थितिले गर्दा निरस भए पुन केहि गर्छु भन्ने हामी युवक वर्गको आशाका दीप मानेर हामी सधै लाग्ने परस्थिति सिर्जना हुनुपर्दछ ! के नेपाललाइ सिंगापुर बनाउछु भन्दैमा बन्छ र नेपाल कुरामा मात्र सिंगापुर हुन त होला तर भैरब अर्याल को भोलिवाद सार्थक बनाउन लागि पर्दै अन्त्यमा कालिकोट पहाडको तिर्सना मेटिन सक्छ ! हाम्रा जनताका सूचक मानिने महानुभाबहरुले केहि तिहारको झिलिमिली संगै दुरगामी दिशा प्राप्त गर्न लागेको आर्थिक क्रान्ति पनि load-shedding  ले झ्याप्प निभाइदियो सरकार संगै ! देशको युवा वर्ग लाइ केहि गर्न अवसर देखाऊ अनि मात्र भन आफ्ना philosophical कुरा हरु किन भने हामी साच्चै नै गर्न सक्छौ आफ्नो माटो को लागि!

जय नेपाल !!!!